An interesting thing happened at the West Vincent Township Meeting, March 26, 2012. Item #12 on the Agenda, Advertise Sewer Plant Mowing Bid (currently being done by Roadmaster and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Ken Miller for $21,500/year) was agreed to. That means that the Township was authorized to place a Legal Notice in the paper of choice (the Pottstown Mercury) for the acceptance of bids. This is normal procedure.

What I find interesting is that the advertisement was in the paper Tuesday, the very next day. The deadline for accepting classified advertising is 5 pm. The meeting started at 7:30 pm and looking at the agenda I would guess the vote happened around 8:30 pm. This means the advertisement was submitted to the paper PRIOR to the vote. This is a small issue but this reflects once again, that West Vincent Supervisors view meetings as a technicality and not of any real importance.


With 3 1/2  business days to go, The Pam Brown Corrective Ordinance SPECIAL MEETING was just announced on the Township Website NewsFlash/Upcoming Activities sidebar section Wednesday mid-afternoon. No mention at the last MEETING about this upcoming "Special Meeting". I think they are hoping that not many people will know about it and will not therefore go to the meeting.   It will be best (for them) if this Ordinance can be discussed without too much opinion from the voters.   Remember the misinformation the residents have been given (remember the "typos" that were paragraph changes?) and that fact that the Supervisors "hadn't read it" yet were about to sign it into law?

I recommend marking your calendar. The more people who can go and ask questions or even just listen the better, and the more say and understanding you have in the running of West Vincent.

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