A while back, I spoke about DL Construction (formerly DL Fleck) which is located within the township and operates from an illegal location on St Matthews road. Anyone can see it driving by, a commercial industrial site in a residential neighborhood. The Chester County courts ruled that the operation had to cease but Ken Miller and cronies allow it to go on in violation of the court ruling.

DL Construction has been favored with Ken Miller and has had to post little or no bonds for his work in the township. For the Roadwork bid that he won, he was required to post a 10% bond which Ken Miller, Roadmaster and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, said would be $10,000 (for $100,000 maximum amount of work). DL Fleck has billed around $150,000 in the last 6 months of work, but the bond has not been increased. Now it will be even more, read below.

Recently, the Fleck property was foreclosed on by New Century Bank, owing them $1,097,918.13. Read that number out loud: ONE MILLION, NINETY SEVEN THOUSAND, NINE HUNDRED EIGHTEEN DOLLARS AND THIRTEEN CENTS.  This is the SAME bank that drafted the $10,000.00 Fleck bond check to the township for the road work contract. I wonder if the check is any good now? National Penn Investors has a judgment of $64,417.65 against Fleck, the Commonwealth of PA Bureau of Compliance has a lien against Fleck for $29,771.18 and finally American Express has a Judgment of $6351.11 against Kenneth Fleck.

Good thing there wasn't much snow this winter because DL Construction has the snowplowing contract, in addition to the Roads Maintenance Contract. His equipment could get sold at auction at any time with judgments like this. I warned about this issue before and it is only getting worse. I understand the township just approved on March 12 the borrowing around ONE MILLION DOLLARS to perform additional roadwork. ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!! At the rate they are going, will will have Seven more small road projects can be incompleted with that money! The vote was UNANIMOUS among the Supervisors. With all that money, West Vincent will have several more small road projects can be incompleted!  I assure you, the benefactors of this infusion of the borrowed cash are not the residents of West Vincent Township (unless you include Ken Miller and D & L Construction)..

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