All listed below pertains to the upcoming 3-12-2012 meeting. Please read carefully.

Business not listed on the Agenda for Monday, March 12

An article in Friday's Daily Local all about a subject that will be discussed at the next township meeting but is NOT on the Agenda released at approximately 3:30pm on Friday from the West Vincent Administration. What is it about, you ask? The same ordinance West Vincent has spent THOUSANDS to advertise, had several scheduled meetings starting back in late 2011, has been amended and now re-written, and created such discussion that newly minted Supervisor David Brown feels that people should be limited in their comment:


People won't comment if they don't know to come, right?  Hmmmmmm.....

Still waiting for the Draft of the David Brown Policy

Well, there's a segue from part one! David Brown's Limit Free Speech Policy was supposed to be on the Township Website by March 5. I didn't say it, Clare Quinn did, in the Daily Local. “Fellow Supervisor Claire Quinn said that a draft would be completed and posted on the township website, www.westvincenttwp.org, by Monday, Mar. 5.” Last line of the article below:


Still waiting for the publication, 5 days after the date. Maybe she didn't mean this year? The subject is on the Agenda for Monday.  Come to the meeting to hear what they haven't published about what residents won't be able to say.

Funny times in West Vincent Township financing

Another segue! Good thing speech will be limited soon, because that will include your screams. The township is working to refinance it's bond debt at a lower rate and then take the savings from the discounted interest and borrow more money, then perhaps borrow even more money because it is cheap to borrow more money right now. Please, please, PLEASE read the posted statement at the TOP the home page of the township website:


The last line states they are going to do this “without having to raise taxes”. They already raised taxes last year! Clare Quinn sold the tax increase to the voters as a tax discount by removing a tax by .49 mil and raising another tax by .25 mil. Savings, right? Wrong! That .49 tax she removed was expiring. You now pay .25 mil MORE now than you would have if she had just left everything alone. It was a shell game and you lost, and STILL voted her in!

Once again the administration is not fully truthful to the public. The discussion at the February 13 meeting was strictly for refinancing the bond debt to a lower interest rate. In addition to the Township wanting to take all of the interest savings in a lump sum of cash to spend, now, in their own words, the Township may also borrow additional money! Don't believe me? Just go to:


and go to 40:29-44:40 minutes. The entire discussion is about refinancing to lower the interest rate, not taking on more debt. It can also be seen here by clicking the link (approximately 5 minutes long):


They are going to use the money for road projects (they have three road projects they haven't finished yet and spent $500,000) and for Open Space (Jim Wendelgass says we still have $1,200,000 banked for TDR's which was  REQUIRED to be spent by the end of 2011). I recommend you go to the meeting on Monday night. It's your money, not theirs. The Administration is out of spending control!  On a side note...the math doesn't work out on the claim that the Township won't raise taxes. How much more burden must be passed on to your children?

Following is the Bills list from the last meeting.

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