West Vincent is in the news, once again. But before I give the link, I have some bad news. All of the links to Daily Local News articles that I have furnished over the last 18 months are gone. The Daily Local News has created a new format and the archives have been deleted. If that, in itself, isn't bad enough, there was no way to leave a comment until yesterday and now it is more difficult to do so. All of those funny, poignant, hard hitting and logical comments at the end of every old article that created the very essence of each report have been silenced, quite a bit like Dave Brown is trying to do to the attendees of the Township Meetings. Now there is a segue!


In response to this issue, there seems to be someone that is ahead of me on this subject. Here are links to her web pages. Both are worth reading:



I will close with only one comment. The residents elected him. Now you will have to deal with Brown for the 70 months left of his term.  Now he is running for re-election as a Republican Committeeman. If you are a Republican, do the censorship views of David Brown reflect yours? As Committeeman, it is his input that selects who the Republican Party will support and endorse. Those he selects and supports will be candidates that think as he does.  Remember this at the Primary election in April.

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