Now that I have broken down what the road work is costing the township, what does it mean to you, the resident? As I stated before, a family of four has paid $420.50 for the first 6 months of this road contract. This is for local country roads, not some highway project.

Here is something interesting that I noticed after posting the road work costs e-mail. When working on any project where a contract is going to exceed $10,000, the contract has to be put out for bid. For example, the township draws up plans to work on Fellowship road. The engineer designs the drainage system, writes the specs for the pipes, culverts and anything else that would be needed to do the job. If the materials exceed $4,000 in value, the Roadmaster would get phone prices from several sources. If the number was over $10,000, he would then put the materials out for bid, the same as would be done for a new tractor for the park. The lowest bidding supplier would be awarded the contract. The following contractors were paid over $10,000 for materials supplied but there was never any bid process:

Pipe Express
Pipe & Precast
Independence Materials

449.3. Advertising, bidding and bond requirements.
(b) Evasion prohibited. While it is lawful to make a purchase or contract for up to $10,000 without advertising and bidding, it is unlawful to enter into several less-than $10,000 contracts with the same person or with several persons merely for the purpose of evading advertising and bidding requirements.

This was clearly a violation of PA State law and an ethics violation by the Supervisors.

And an e-mail from a subscriber:
Thought you might be interested in the following editorial that appeared in a recent private citizens' newsletter in East Nantmeal:

As part of the battle to save the Horse Show Grounds last month, many of us attended several WestVincent Township meetings, and what an eye-opener that was! Watching the West Vincent BOS in action brought a new appreciation for our own current supervisors, both for how they do their jobs and how they treat our residents. We may not always agree with them, but our supervisors listen to our concerns with courtesy and respect, and do their best to solve our problems if they can. They are forthright with us, and we can be pretty sure that if they make any mistakes they will be honest ones. Thank you, gentlemen, for doing well a difficult, low-paying, and often thankless job.

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