Did you wonder how much D&L Construction (formerly DL Fleck) has been paid?   Probably not.

But I did. For the last couple months I have been breaking down the road repair bills list for a reason. Today I will start to show you why.

Why is this important?

Well. When this contract was let for bid, the bid package required a 10% bond. D&L Construction, formerly DL Fleck (which, you may remember, operates in an illegal location in the township against a court order but unenforced by the township) posted a $10,000 cashiers check. Tom Helwig questioned this amount at a township meeting.

His calculation asserted that a $33,000 bond deposit was required to protect the Township. However, Kenneth Miller, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and Roadmaster, told Mr. Helwig he was wrong and that the amount D&L Construction would be paid would be around $100,000, and  the total expenditure would be around $300,000.

Presently, the contract still has 6 months left to run. The first 6 months of the contract, for roadwork only, is $157,092.75.  That is already more than 50% higher than Mr Miller's estimate for the year.  Double the total figure to round out the last 6 months of the contract and the estimated total expenditure for outside labor only would be $314.185.50. Three times Mr Miller's estimate. For this figure a bond of $31,500 should have been posted.

Tom Helwig was much closer to the real numbers than the Roadmaster. Perhaps Mr. Helwig would make a better Roadmaster?

I show the details below from the start of 2011 Roads Maintenance Contract   Wait for my next episode!

Sept 26            22,410.50 Hollow Rd
Oct 3                15,863.25 No Rd Specified
Oct 10              13,821.25 Hollow Rd
Oct 24                7,547.50 Sheeder Rd
Nov 14               7,050.00 Sheeder Mill Rd
Nov 28             10,500.25 Sheeder Mill Rd
Dec 5                 7,456.00 Sheeder Mill Rd
Dec 12             15,346.75 Sheeder Mill Rd
Dec 27               9,430.50 Horseshoe Trail
Jan 9               10,820.00 Horseshoe Trail
                          5,800.00 Sheeder Mill & Hunt Hill
Jan 23             15,979.50 Fellowship Rd
Feb 13             12,557.75 Fellowship Rd
                          2,509.50 Fellowship Rd

Total Paid so far to D&L Construction for  Roadwork: $157,092.75

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