Monday night is an important meeting. It is important to be there, Monday night at 7:30. Do not let the weather stop you. Be there to see how the Board handles the questions posed to them. You won't believe your ears. It is important that people show up.

Because after much stalling, it looks like the Hearing for the Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance is finally coming up to which then there will be a vote. This is for the changes to the ordinances that do the following:

1. One section affects only very large tract developments, of which there is only one property which it applies, the Dietrich Property. Rest assured, this ordinance section changed for a reason that is not being disclosed but an arbitrary move it is not. Person or persons on the Board have an ulterior motive

2. Currently, Township Zoning Officer is supposed to keep a record of all non-conforming use properties in the township, which is clearly addressed in the current zoning. She has failed to do this and has been a Zoning officer in West Vincent for well over half a decade. Since this negligence recently became an issue at a Zoning Hearing (the Zoning Hearing Board didn't care), the Board has decided that they would just remove the obligation from the Zoning officer responsibilities. So, not only has she not done what is expected of her, no one in power cares and, in fact, the township is willing to shift the burden from the Zoning Officer to the property owner to defend their position. If the property owner cannot produce paperwork to defend their position, the non-conforming use is erased from the property and the owner will then be in violation of the ordinances. Think it can't happen? It can and it has.

3. Lastly, the Pam Brown Corrective Ordinance is the highlight of the hearing. This is where Pam Brown, the developer of a property after she was restricted from development was paid by the taxpayers $102,800 to not develop the property, installed a house (read: Developed) over twice the legal size IF it were allowed. But the ordinance will change that, making the size "legal". Pam is the Board's buddy, especially Clare Quinn's. She used to work with Quinn until Quinn was fired from French and Pickering Conservation Trust. The Board is pushing this through to protect the size of the illegal house and the additional business operating on the conserved land.

Here is something unusual (like the other items are normal?). A document was passed to me this week. The Pam Brown worksheet for Transferable Development Rights created by the Environmental Advisory Committee (wait, isn't Pam Brown on that Board?). It states "Buy all TDR's (3 or 4)", “there may be an additional TDR", “3 (may be adjusted)”. Why? Because the Supervisors had to figure out to somehow include the swampland across the street to give Pam a bigger payout. I speculate they had to wait for low tide so the ground dried out sufficiently to squeeze another $25,700 out of the taxpayer.

Finally, the budget adopted at the beginning of the year has been altered and will be re-adopted. It seems there was rental income from the Griffith property not recorded in the current budget (discovered by Maria Jacobs) so this reflects the change. There were several other adjustments made while the opportunity was there, one removing $15,000 from Recreation.

On a lighter note, here is a touch of chicken humor: http://itre.cis.upenn.edu/~myl/languagelog/archives/000230.html

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