I thought the article was quite a bit of misinformation on the DEP's part. The DEP told the reporter that they had never been "involved" with the farm until July of 2011. A reader in the comments section pointed out that there was a copy of a document in the EPA report that said the CCCD and the DEP had "multiple complaints" in July of 2010. Wait, did the DEP investigator just forget about that complaint report in the file labeled "Kenneth Miller, Birchrun Hills Farm"?

The DEP says it was a violation (speaking of the giant manure pile that leaches pollutants into the exceptional value Birch Run) but it was corrected quickly. Apparently they didn't do as much research as the EPA because there are many other issues that need corrected. The DEP came in, did an obligatory scan, focusing on one of many issues, and ran away from the issue.

The article states "The violation of the PA Clean Streams Law was determined when about ten truckloads of manure were found on the property in close proximity to a stormwater inlet."  The DEP was out there several weeks prior to the Inspection of August 3  and there was much more manure. The DEP has Miller quoted as saying that 21 truckloads had already been removed. I wonder if the DEP just forgot about that? And he did not have a conservation or manure management plan that the EPA report says that the DEP never followed up on to see if Miller actually created one. Another set of violations, gone, poof, nothing done about it. There is much more that I will speak to in the future.

How is it that Ken Miller has so much influence over people? He is obviously well connected politically, but why would anyone really support him?  It's obvious (to me anyway!) that anyone connected to him has got to be as dirty as Miller himself. Lets just watch to see who comes to his defense, then we'll know who the people are that care less about the public and its safety and more about Ken Miller and themselves.
Lets also wonder just why they are on his side............

In case you missed the EPA report, here it is again:  http://kenmillersepareport.blogspot.com/

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