Do you remember the DEP report I disclosed just before Christmas about Ken Miller's Farm? To see it, go to my website and look at 21, December, 2011. Are you concerned about his pollution potentially contaminating the Birch Run?  I know who isn't concerned.  All of the local environmental groups.  They all know what is going on, but since it is “poor 'ol farmer Ken Miller”, everything goes tight lipped.  It seems that the environmental groups are willing to sacrifice the environment for their friends. Shameful, isn't it?

The report shows a manure pile during the investigation.  Here is a picture of it after the cleanup had already started:

Miller claims he “spread on a portion of the 700 acres of property that is leased by Mr. Miller with the onsite manure spreader.”  The portion of the 700 acres Miller is talking about is 53 acres of Griffith Farm, which is Township owned property. To find where the manure was being transported, all anyone had to do was follow the path of poop that fell off the spreader all the way to the field entrance at Griffith Farm.  Ken Miller previously bid and leased that property for a specific term that has since expired.  The lease was written to renew automatically without re-bidding, thus locking out all others from having a chance at renting that property.  Even worse, since the rules of the township say that only farmers in West Vincent may bid, that only leaves three, maybe four bidders total.  And who wants to bid against the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors if all the potential bidders know Ken is going to bid?

Worse still, the township has not allowed for any rent from Griffith Farm in the 2012 budget.  Is Miller getting out of rent? Without a bid of record, that type of information just kind of slips away with the public not knowing.  Did he even pay last year?

But I divert, unlike the poop, which was just dumped on the surface.  It is required that the ground is tilled after after the manure is spread, so that it acts as fertilizer. But Miller did not bother to do this, he just left it on the surface allowing the surface water run off and take the contaminants to the Birch Run.  I guess he is telling the taxpayer what he thinks of them?     (Is he just thinking, here, take a load of my sh*t?)

More to come....

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