I'm sorry to be sending you so many infos of late but there is so much wrong stuff happening right now that you really should know about.  Here's the Daily Local:


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Please read the full story, and the comments.

The other day I speculated that the Township merely moved the date of the Zoning Ordinance change as a stall tactic. As it turns out, it's even worse. The township has been rescheduling dates without legally being able to even hold the hearings. Cost to re-advertise a hearing according to the bills list is $1167.70. Not a lot in the grand scheme of things but it's just wasted, thrown away, as if of no consequence.

I also have stated the corrections were not mere “typos” as Clare emphatically defended (although she admitted she didn't see them). It seems the County states the agrees with me. Hmmmmm. Does Clare ever tell the truth? I think we know the answer. Who voted for these people?

Here is Maria Jacobs asking why the zoning ordinance hearing has been held up yet again.

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