I notice that most of Miller's debt's have suddenly been paid.   The records are gone.  His property tax debt was around $37000, it's gone!  His IRS judgment, gone! Money owed to other creditors, gone! There are still a couple things, including a debt to the PA Dept of Revenue and Land o Lakes, but most of the debt has just plain vanished! How did it all get paid?

Of course it's good that he no longer owes money everywhere.  That's the absolute minimum you should expect from a supervisor who is looking after your money.  But how did he manage to pay it all so suddenly, just now, when for many years past he hasn't even been able to pay even the current year?  Who has recently received more money or contracts of higher value than you might reasonably expect?     If you have been reading my column of late you will have a pretty good idea where I think the money might have come from.  Or read on.

For Monday night, January 23, 2012, the township agenda lists the following 2 items:

The first is #14. Ordinance 154-2012: Zoning Hearing Amendments

This is for the Zoning changes the Township plans to adopt. Consider the following:

The Pam Brown Corrective Ordinance is in this Zoning Change. It is to “correct” (read: change) the way the Township measures the floor space of an “accessory dwelling”. If you want any more information, go to my website and look at:

27, April, 2011 (Contains County Documents, the link is marked "read the attachment").

About the $102,800 paid to her by you, the taxpayer; see 19, December, 2010 & 28, February, 2011

Her total floor area was not to exceed 2000 square feet but even the County came up with a measurement of just the living space of 2061 square feet. The actual total square footage is over 5000 square feet, clearly in violation of the Township Zoning.

Additionally,  the fence company located on the property (a business) appears to occupy quite a bit of floor space so I am sure this change will cure the current zoning violation. This township sure does a lot for Pam, with the changing ordinances ordinances after an attempted cover up, received 102,800 of TDR money to buy property rights including swamp ground that couldn't be built on. One has to wonder,  what Pam has on Ken Miller?  Or was there another reason Pam got this cash?

Furthermore, there is the issue of the changes to the UDA, the Unified Development Area, which only affects areas to be developed of 200+ acres. (http://www.westvincenttwp.org/misc_docs/2010%20Zoning%20Ordinance.pdf, starting on page 193)

There is only one property in West Vincent that can currently use the UDA, therefore benefit from any changes. The Dietrich Estate on St Matthews Rd.   Speaking of the changes, the township has NEVER produced a clear and specific comparison of what is being changed. Those amendments have since been amended again, thus adding another layer of confusion. Why are these changes being made? There are rumors flying about a potential agreement of sale of the property (1000+ acres). Could this explain why so much of Ken Miller's property tax obligation has recently been paid off? Payment in advance for services rendered? Just thinking out loud.

The other issue is simple, the Agenda lists #3, Treasurer Report. This is cause for celebration. There has not been a Treasurers report in a decade in West Vincent. Look at this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUQhFGRW15w

I recommend attending this meeting.

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