As you already know, I look to other township operations to compare with West Vincent. For example, that is how I discovered that West Vincent non reimbursable legal fees have been, in some cases, far in excess of  5 times the surrounding townships. The taxpayer foots that bill.  But the current Supervisors re-appointed Steve Siana's firm, once again! Makes you wonder who REALLY runs the Township, doesn't it?

This doesn't mean that one township has to exactly emulate another, but certainly when there is a good example being executed, perhaps it would be, at the very least, a good idea to investigate the practice to see if it could be applied. This is a common business practice. While I have shown time and time again that West Vincent certainly does not run the township like a business, perhaps when good people finally get in office, it will be. In the meantime, you're stuck!

One demonstration of an action of effort by a township to keep it's residents informed can be found right next door, in West Pikeland Township. Look at the website they have, www.westpikeland.com. Please take 5 minutes of your life and click on this link. As an example, look at the listing for the meeting coming up on Tuesday night. Click on the link to open it (you will need Adobe but there is even a link to download the free program!). This page not only lists the Agenda, but a list of everything being discussed including copies of the Resolutions, etc. This way, an informed resident can come to the meeting and ask informed questions because they have seen what their government is doing.

For a shining example in this demonstration, in this upcoming meeting of January 17, 2012; the Supervisors of West Pikeland intend to bring forth a Resolution to ELIMINATE THE SUPERVISOR'S SALARY. Compare that to West Vincent's meeting two weeks ago (January 3, 2012) where the Agenda did not even list Item # 16, to GIVE CLARE QUINN FREE HEALTH INSURANCE.

See the difference?

West Pikeland Supervisors consider returning earned money to the coffers


West Vincent Supervisors elect to spread the wealth of the township to one of their own

You be the judge of which decision is better for the Township residents.

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