This mailing is an oops!  I didn't attach the Bills List to my last email.  I don't know if nobody noticed but certainly nobody told me.  Even the person who checks to advise me that my emails have arrived safely didn't tell me.  I wish I could tell you who it is then no one would talk to him ever again!  Haha!  But don't give up *****  ******* I value your help!

Anyway, now the Bills list is attached.

Look, it is important that you look at this.  It shows where your money is going.  Do you look at the list? Obviously you can't stop the payment, it has already been made.  But you CAN go to a BOS meeting and ask, why? 

And while you are about it, ask yourself why I dare not tell you who I am, or who the people are who help me?  Would it not be a whole lot easier if I could openly tell you who I am and who the people are that I work with?  I could be famous (!!!) for running this list.   Why do almost all the people who write to me ask that I hide their identity?  Why are most of people who oppose the current administration scared to say who they are?  Really, it should not be like this.

David Brown recently wrote and suggested I should reveal to him my mailing list. He actually wrote 
Here’s a challenge: let Chickenman publish his e-mail list, so others can participate in a fair discussion of any issue he chooses. 

I replied
Anyone can write to me.  Most letters get printed.  Now if it seems that most letters are supportive, that is because most of the letters I get are supportive.  I have already stated that a bigger proportion of non supportive letters are published compared to supportive letters.

I dare not publish my mailing list.  I have seen what happens to people who are known to be my supporters.  I will never publish my list.  My subscribers addresses are safe and will not be published.

But if I did publish we may find that if I do that innocent ladies are accused of running a brothel, or that efficient businessmen are accused of shoddy work, or that others are accused of not living at the address where they sleep.

The first of my theories above is a guess.  The second two have actually happened.............

Your identity is even more secure than is mine.  And after 205 emails no one has yet found me.....................

To see my previous mailings please click on http://tinyurl.com/westvincentinfos    As usual, if you want to be on or off my list, or have some comments or suggestions, or know someone who would like to be on the list, please let me know.  Feel free to forward this email on to anyone you think might be interested.   Especially though, if you don't want to continue to receive my mails, please tell me. I'll take you off the list immediately.   Just hit reply to this email or write to chestercountynews@gmail.com

Best wishes


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