First welcome to the 205th edition of my newsletter.  I didn't notice when we reached 200, time goes so fast nowadays.

Next an item in the Daily Local
.  In the comments I particularly love supervisor's mouthpiece man at the top's remark that 2 Siana lawyers are better than one. Yep.  More expensive too.  And are the supervisors' goings on so dodgy that they need TWO lawyers to advise THREE supervisors?  That's not counting that David Brown is lawyer as well as supervisor and Jim Wendelgass is lawyer as well as township manager.  Only 2 out of the 6 present were NOT lawyers.........


Finally, here is the latest Bills List.   This is from the 1-9-2012 Meeting. I was lucky enough to get it forwarded over sooner than usual.

I would like to note the following the work on the Horseshoe trail costs this week:
Birdsboro Materials comes in at $2087.25
Cedar Hollow Development Inc collected $16942.32. We paid over $7000 for dirt. We ship that to Cedar Hollow from jobs the Road Crew does.  We PAY Cedar Hollow to take it then we PAY them to get it back. Maybe we might want to hold onto some of our resources?
D & L Construction LLC hauled in $10820.00
Highway Materials liberated $11, 769.43 from our accounts
Stony Run Supply was the low number this week at $662.94
ISObunkers LLC presented a diesel fuel bill for $2020.04

But WAIT!!
On the never ending, multi year Sheeder Mill job.....
D & L Construction LLC hauled in an additional $5800.
That doesn't include the Backhoe Tire Repairs at $838.00

A quick glance says that is a $50,000 bill. Clare is looking cheaper all the time!

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