I made a mistake about the Pam Brown Corrective Ordinance when I wrote the reminder for tonight.

The history of my naming is is because the Supervisors are changing the measurement of Accessory Dwellings from TOTAL Floor Area to HABITABLE Floor Area, a huge difference in measurement.

Yesterday I said that you could build a huge garage and that is not true. I made a mistake on that. In re-reviewing the new document on the Township website (Pg 37, #11 a. (2) Accessory Dwelling in a Freestanding Building), the building is limited to 1000 square feet of impervious surface coverage. If you want a connected garage, you can add an additional 600 square feet.

You could add a full basement for another 1600 sq feet but the upstairs I cannot figure out if you can go over the garage or not. IF you can, that is another 1600 sq feet. So I guess the total square footage of the house (accessory dwelling)  is limited to 4800 square feet. The maximum "habitable" square footage is still 1800 feet so the rest would be for "storage". That is the best I can reckon out of the changes.

In any event, I was partially wrong about the size that can be built. If I have read this change properly, the Supervisors have protected us from getting a house built that is 5075 total sq ft, like Pam's, reducing the building by a full 275 feet. BUT, it is very confusing.

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