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West Vincent voids Ludwig's condemnation order


This is more about the condemnation proceedings and the subject was only brought up because a resident asked about the rescinding of the motion to grant $8000 of the taxpayers money for an environmental study. I would like to point out a few things. Please read the article:

1.The next meeting has come and gone. There was NO mention of the true cost of this vile attack on the Horse Show Association. Chances are, we will never have a hard figure but rest assured, Steve Siana made money and continues to do so with this issue.

2. It was not a special meeting, Monday was a holiday so it gets moved to the following day.

3. When asked about rescinding the environmental study the response was: '"It's up to the horse show," said Supervisor Clare Quinn. "If they opt not to do it, and if they have lead on their property, if there's lead on the property that's their doing." This is what I warned about. This is the Township's start to the second bite at the apple. They will try to scare residents by "suggesting"  the Horse Show Grounds has a contamination problem.

Please note, Attorneys Steve Siana and Alan Greenwood were in attendance. Even at the "discounted rate, that was still almost $400/hour for a meeting that was over 2.5 hours long. Add time in the office before hand and just make it 3 hours (not including Executive Session).

W. Vincent should tie loose ends in condemnation case


You would think that the OPINION published would be at least somewhat balanced but read it. Instead, it is a hit piece intended squarely at French and Pickering. It almost seems like Clare Quinn herself wrote it. Perhaps one of her friends did it for her? To the writer of this opinion I must ask:

Why would French and Pickering have to "enunciate" anything about their stance towards Eminent Domain, as the article states? Their mission statement does not say anything about preserving land "by any means".  Clare Quinn ran the operation since 2006. This would not include all of her time volunteering before she was hired with a big salary as Executive Director.

If she didn't know what the feeling was of the Directors after all of her years of involvement, she should have been gone a long time ago.

In the Daily Local and Pottstown Mercury today, about Clare's big pay raise (FREE HEALTH INSURANCE)


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