On January 3, 2012, (Tuesday) the Roadmaster job came up for appointment. As you may have already guessed, it was instead a re-appointment.  Kenneth Miller, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors was appointed and voted to be the Roadmaster for another year.

January 4, 2012 (Wednesday)  was the West Vincent Auditors annual meeting. The Auditors in West Vincent Township have one job, to set the Salary of the RoadMaster and fee schedules for the Supervisors if they work on the road crew. The Board of Auditors consists of 3 people. Barbara Dunn, James Fasel and newly elected Auditor Jeff Lewis. Many of you may know that I was not a fan of Mr. Lewis, as he was a supporter of this administration and Ken Miller. In fact, I was SURE that he would vote to give Ken Miller a big raise.   I understand he was asked to run for the position by Miller. He won the election against Ronnie Monteith.

There was a discussion as to what the amount should be for Ken Miller's increase in pay, and it was agreed to and voted on. Ken Miller was UNANIMOUSLY voted a pay raise of exactly 0%. I must now congratulate Jeff Lewis for understanding the financial dynamics of the economy and making the proper decision
. I was more than apprehensive about his being in this position and he did the right thing (and I was wrong, so I apologize to him), as did Mrs. Dunn and Mr. Fasel. Thank you to all the Auditors for keeping the costs down in West Vincent Township.

Of course, you still have Clare's Insurance premium and that is much more expensive, but that was a David Brown vote.

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