Well, last night was the annual re-organization meeting of West Vincent Township. There is much to talk about with this meeting but it will have to wait a few days. I am still collecting information. I would like to announce one thing about that meeting.


That's right, newly minted Supervisor David Brown voted yes in a unanimous vote to approve FULL Health Benefits for Supervisor Clare Quinn. David Brown starts out in his very first day as Supervisor costing the township taxpayers thousands of dollars. Why would Clare Quinn need Health benefits paid for by you, the taxpayer?

Let me re-cap the chain of events:
The Supervisors try to Eminent Domain the Horse Show Grounds
The Residents rise up and say a collective "NO!"
Clare Quinn loses her job at French and Pickering Conservation Trust because of the debacle
When asked how much this cost the taxpayers, Jim Wendelgass replied "Around $5000", which is probably a low number.
Clare Quinn is rewarded for her misguided and villainous efforts by receiving FULL Health benefits from the township (she pays nothing).
Cost per month is estimated at $450 according to Jim Wendelgass.

Now that I have given these details, one has to ask:
Who gets FULL Health benefits (including eye and dental, too) for $450/month? How much has the Township Land Grab attempt REALLY cost residents?
Will the Township give Clare Quinn a car to drive while they are at it?
Will the Township find a job for Clare Quinn too?
After all the other long standing supervisor has a job with the township................

Be prepared, there is much more to this meeting than you can imagine. I want to make sure I get everything in order before I report.

This was sent to me and I thought I would pass it on. http://conta.cc/A3elzE

Did anyone notice that West Vincent Township was getting rather a lot of critical comments on their Facebook site so they made they only response they know?  They closed down the page!  Not to worry though, almost within minutes there was a new independent WVT page!  See http://www.facebook.com/pages/West-Vincent-Township/297197260318728   At the time of writing the most recent comment was the link I just gave you above.

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