Here is the Bills List for the Township for December 27.  Please read through it, ask yourself all the items seem reasonable, if you have ANY doubts go along to a township meeting and ask a question.  It is your right.

I notice that the Sheeder Mill Rd project continues on with Highway Materials receiving $2084.24, Cedar Hollow Land Development Inc was paid $4378.81, Pipe & Precast got $3120.00.  D& L Construction (the company that isn't allowed to operated at the location they are located in the township by Court Order, but continues to do so) had no bill for the long term Sheeder Mill Project, but did harvest $9430 for work on Horseshoe Trail.

I also noticed that there is a January 1 Nextel cellphone service bill for Emergency Management and Police for $540.02.  I checked back.  The monthly bill for Dec 1st was $596.98 and for November 1st was $614.60.   Wow!  Even my daughter doesn't spend near that much on the phone!  So the taxpayer has a phone bill just for this division of the township of around $7,000 per year. There are many other cell phones used in the township apparently not included in this bill.

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