First another article by another group that uses the LCHS groundsgrounds.

Now it's Christmas!  It's the time for goodwill to all men!  (Well, barring a couple or three maybe)

It's also the time for giving thanks.  For giving a little to your favorite charities.  For making a donation to
Ludwigs Corner Fire Company if you have not already done so.  Attached are donation forms from both the Fire Company and the Horse Show and Horse Show infos
Thanks also for the enthusiasm of the 'Horse People"
Thank you to David Brown, in advance, hoping he will make a positive contribution to our township
Thank you to the residents, and others, who regularly go to township meetings.
Thank you to those who ask questions at these meetings.
A huge thank you to those many residents who help me in my researches
Thank you to those who write letters to me, of appreciation, questioning, or suggesting new areas to investigate
Thank you to all those, who in their own way, help with my newsletter and my website
Thank you to the 500 or so subscribers plus their family and friends who read my newsletters
Thank you to the Daily Local News for featuring my Blog.
Thank you to F&P for doing the right things involving the Eminent domain issue in West Vincent.

Let's look forward, maybe not to a corruption free, but hopefully to a less corrupted, township in the New Year.
And maybe a little word to those who cause the corruption.  You are being watched.  I shall be doing my very best to expose you.

And to everyone (without exception!) I hope you have a really very happy Christmas.

My Very Best Wishes