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Hmmm…just learned from this article that Pam Brown is the conservation director for French and Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust.  Does no one else notice the incestuous relationship between West Vincent Township and the Trust, and how much more flagrantly can Clare and Pam flaunt their complete abuse of power?  At least the Trust was embarrassed enough to fire Clare.  Maybe the Trust should pay a little more attention to Pam’s activities within the Township.

At least Pam did something good getting this grant for Thorncroft…it’s the least she could do for the residents that paid for building her home.

My comment:
Thanks for that e-mail. I have been talking about this for quite some time now but new(er) subscribers may have missed it in my website. I thank you for bringing the subject to the forefront. Speaking of Pam Brown, she was conspicuously missing during this entire episode of the Horse Show grounds. One can draw the conclusion that she supported the taking of the ground. Strange, since she is a horse person. I heard she is being looked at to take Clare's vacated position at the F&P. Wouldn't that be strange? A person that exploits her own property teaching others what to do with theirs. Hold those donations, Pam is merely another Clare, without the Supervisor position. This article is nothing but a puff piece, designed for damage control for the recent abuse of power by the former Executive Director of French and Pickering (as Supervisor of West Vincent) Clare Quinn. Of course, I have to say that F&P has done many good things in the past.

Please understand that the township has not let the Horse Show grounds go that easily. They will be back for another bite at the apple. Just in a different way. Miller wants that property and while he lost the first battle, he has no intent of losing the war. He will have teammates in this. Quinn hates to lose a fight and will be there to bolster her own position, even if it is silently, until the finality of the next attempt. The newly elected Supervisor David Brown takes office on January 2nd. He has been silent and when pressed has stated "He has no opinion on the issue" and "is purposely avoiding it so he is not influenced". The second is a paraphrase. This means one of two things. He is either for the issue (otherwise he would have been repulsed by such an action as many good people that hold office are) or he is a milquetoast. Steve Siana stands to make piles of money on this conflict. I bet there are a few others in the wings that are far less obvious.

Another letter that I received:

I read the latest French & Pick newsletter & noticed quite a few names that keep popping up in this whole debacle . McNeil, Brown, Quinn, Perkins, Siana , with a few secondary players.
I don't know these folks & only know 1 person on the F & P Board who knows squat about the horse show world. Either they're very civic minded to be serving on all these boards & committees or there's back scratching going on.
The one I can't understand is Northern Feds' Oct 2011 map of "Potential Sports Complex" locations & how they assumed  the LCHS grounds could be a spot?  How can they assume private property to be a target location without informing the owner?   It's since been removed as we made a stink about it,  but am I missing something ?

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