The following document file was forwarded to me but it took some time to research. I had to make sure that it was legitimate. I also wanted to look into any other information that had been sent to me to see if there was any relationship.

The attached documents are a Department of Environmental Protection report on the Ken Miller's “Birchrun Hills” Farm. It details a violation of the PA Clean Streams Law.  Apparently, Ken stockpiles his cow manure for long periods of time on a hill without a holding area to prevent runoff.   He doesn't do anything about it until he hears that the DEP is coming around to make a check, then he starts to clean it up. This is his second violation in two years.

Remember, Birchrun Hills Farm's slogan is “Taste What We Do With the Land!”.  I think I see what the taste is, and I would rather not.

More to come.

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