Here is the Bills List for Dec 12. 

The Sheeder Mill Rd project continues with bills including Birdsboro Materials receiving $295.30, Cedar Hollow Land Development received $5503.75, DL Construction (the operation that isn't supposed to be operating in the township so it changed it's name) received another $15,346.75 and Pam Brown (does anyone know who she is) seems to have gotten a tax refund
totaling $46.12 for her illegal house built on preserved land paid for by the taxpayers.

But the good news, for someone, is that Steve Siana's bills are climbing, now that the election is over.   The General Matters bill is $11,338.48.  The bill is directly given to the taxpayers, nobody covers that expense.

As a side note, I noticed in the video that both Steve Siana and his associate Allan Greenwood were at the meeting the other night with the Horse Show folks. Since they were both happy to sit there for five hours, expect that evening's bill to be around $2000! Two attorneys while the Horse Show folks spoke for over 2 hours. And don't blame the Horse Show folks. The meeting was not even opened until around 10 pm. Discussions started around 7:40 pm, out of the official meeting. It's going to be a good Christmas at the Siana House!

I have received a letter from the lady Clare Quinn called a bitch.

Dear Chickenman,
It was I dubbed the dubious title of bitch. I was also called a bully at the previous township meeting by Quinn.  It has been my experience that when someone has nothing intelligent to say they resort to name calling.  This is a shame but not surprising to this township resident.  The West Vincent Township supervisors have made a mockery of their positions.  I have seen this kind of behavior time and time again.  They made West Vincent Township the laughing stock of Chester County!  People said they felt sorry for me that I lived in the township!!!
The demeanor and behavior of these township supervisors are the main reason, when I moved my business back into the area, I made sure it wouldn't end up in West Vincent Township. These supervisors have cost residents unnecessary financial hardship. They make decisions that have nothing to do with preserving the visual history of Chester County so precious to all of us. The have gone unchecked for too long.  It is time we as residents stop them.  Do not let them destroy our township.
I want to thank all the well wishers and people who vocalized their support for my impassioned and very vocal stance. I want to apologize to them as a West Vincent resident for having to endure the 2 and a half hours of abuse the township supervisors inflicted upon us and our neighbors.
The fight is not over.  I know these supervisors.  They have to be watched.  I am more than certain they have other tricks up their sleeves.
Anyone interested in joining me can reach me by email at patty@extonrug.com.
Patricia McCabe Kozak
West Vincent Resident

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Best wishes


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