I found a video for the Rescission Meeting on line on a YouTube Channel called "aswestvincentturns", which is fitting for the soap opera the West Vincent Administration has created over the years. It is only about 4 minutes long.

Pay attention to Clare and her speech/statement. What isn't on the video is that when she left the room, she passed by a resident that was very vocal at the last meeting, and called her a "bitch". Doesn't that make you wonder who Clare Quinn really is? Someone who will call people names, attack someone that was only speaking her mind at a public meeting. Sad, isn't it?

From the Daily Local

The comments in the DLN always make good reading.  I particularly enjoyed this one from the above article.

"Clare Quinn is a woman whose anger is only exceeded by her ego and hunger for power. Ken Miller is an arrogant bully that owns and herds people like his cows. Zoe Perkins is a pretty fair and moral person, but is easily coerced by the others. Steve Siana is only interested in making money at others hardship. His sleezy reputation in the legal community is well known. When Coatesville fires you, you're bad!"

The Horse Show has sent out another newsletter which I will copy here

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Today, the West Vincent Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to rescind resolution 20-2011 to seize the Ludwig's Corner Horse Show Grounds.  This action, one that we thought was impossible, was only achieved through the collective efforts of the entire Chester County community.  We are so proud and thankful for our many, many friends and neighbors who rallied your unconditional support in an effort for us to keep the land that was so generously donated 68 years ago and has become the very fabric of our community. You gave up your time to attend a rally and attended meetings, where you stood up to insults and arrogance by our elected officials, and you were HEARD.  One voice may be ignored,  but many voices together, saying the same thing makes a difference.  You made a difference! 

Although this is a victory, we also recognize it is only the beginning.  The energy and support of the community has been unbelievable.  We want to have the opportunity to say "thank you" as well as discuss all your questions and concerns.  This starts a new chapter for the LUDWIG'S CORNER HORSE SHOW, we are embracing your energy and with your help, we will continue our tradition, protect what is ours and we will improve the tradition of our community. 

Please join us in celebration, our board of Directors will be there to talk to you, answer any questions and hear any comments you have to offer.  We will be there to welcome your help and support for the new future of the Ludwig's Corner Horse Show. 

SUNDAY, December 18, 2011
1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
We'll be roasting hot dogs and Marshmallows
You are welcome to bring your horses, dogs and kids

Wear your Santa hat and sing a carol or two

It sounds as though it could be fun! Even if you don't particularly care for horse, they also have a great car show,  they also host dog shows and a skeet shooting club. They also allow for soccer practicing on the property.  There are several other things they have allowed on the property and have been some darn good neighbors.

While talking of thanking people, think about sending some $$$ to the Ludwigs Corner Fire Company.    Many do not realize that this is an ALL VOLUNTEER Fire company.  It is Christmas time and these are the guys that leave their jobs, race to the Fire Company, get in the trucks and try to save your house, your belongings and potentially your life. Being a fireman is no longer just signing up and hopping on a fire truck. There are HUNDREDS of hours of training to be completed before a person can start to be active. All this for NO pay. I understand donations have been falling over the last few years. Please take the time in this Christmas season to support both of these organizations. Ultimately, they are here for YOU!

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Best wishes