Here is an article about the vote to rescind the condemnation proceedings this morning.


Also, it seems there is a new YouTube channel I have been alerted to. I was informed about it late last night and it is called "As West Vincent Turns". It has a 2+ hour video of the meeting on December 12, 2011, which is the discussion of the Horse Show Grounds condemnation. While interesting, it turned my stomach to watch the indignant actions of the two Supervisors present. This is your government in action, West Vincent Residents. Be very afraid!

I see the township deleted their facebook page.  I guess they were trying to shut up their opposition.  They didn't manage it.  There is a new WVT facebook page which is presumably run independently of the township.  Go along, have a look, and leave some comments.  It is open to all.

The meeting this morning was a success in that a motion was presented and unanimously voted to RESCIND the Eminent Domain of the Ludwigs Corner Horse Show grounds. This is a win for the Horse Show Association. Congratulations.

But don't count on this issue being over. It is only over for now. These people set their sights and move forward. Don't be fooled by the attempt at pacification by a rescission for now. There is too much money on the line for certain individuals to just let this go. Be vigilant. Be aware the ONLY way to keep protecting the property from local government takeover is to make sure that individuals in office will never take the property. Always elect those that you know will never take this kind of action.

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