Today I have a Guest Column by Richard Malasics.  But first here is an article in the Daily Local


Also,  to see the list of HOSTAGE DEMANDS the Township has put in place to free Ludwigs Corner Horse Show Grounds, click here.

Here is Rich's article.  He sent it to me a week ago but due to lots of news items I haven't been able to publish it until now.

Thank you for asking me to be a guest columnist to your email list.

In 2009, I ran for the position of Supervisor of West Vincent Township and narrowly lost in the primary to Ken Miller. I published a website (www.vote4rich.com) with clear positions and my opinions on where I believed the township and the economy was headed. I have always left it there for all to read. In 2011, I ran again and in the Primary, I lost, much in part due to a letter that smeared both myself and Maria Holderness with unsubstantiated accusations concerning unpaid taxes and an incident with the West Vincent Police.

I addressed those issues on my website after the election, but the damage was done by the distorted information and outright lies. That's politics and unfortunately, I am not a politician, only someone that wanted to make a positive difference for all of the residents in our township. As a result, West Vincent has the Supervisors it elected, and will through the balance of their terms, which has yet to start. They will take office on January 2, 2011.

My website addresses issues such as township properties. I would ask everyone reading this to go to my website, www.vote4rich.com, and look specifically at the web page www.vote4rich.com/letter2.html. Specifically look at my statement under the heading OPEN SPACE. You will see, back in 2009, I addressed the issue of misuse of TDR money. I addressed the issue of government owning and maintaining property. I spoken of what is happening to the the Griffith Farm barn, which is located just about a quarter mile north of the Horse Show Grounds entrance. At that time, the roof was in disrepair and I warned that government needs to be able to maintain what it owns. Here are some pictures of the Griffith Barn today. Just 2 years ago, the holes were less than half this size, and half as many. As the water gets in the building and on top of the stone, the freeze thaw cycle is breaking apart the walls.

I would like to add that a website, www.projectmoo.org, also had information about the Griffith farm, as well as many other issues including the poor road conditions. There were plenty of great pictures but the site must have crashed because half of the pictures are now gone, but the content is good even without the pictures. Read projectmoo.org to find out more about the township.

I still stand by what I say. Other township properties, not including the Township Park/Township building campus, are farmed (for example, Ken Miller farms the Griffith Farm property) or left as open space to grow wild (we pay French and Pickering $5000 to protect these properties from a rogue building suddenly appearing on them). Maintenance is not really required for the areas that are allowed to just grow. The sewage spray fields (also considered open space) are mowed (by Ken Miller) and that is paid for by the residents that pay for public sewage, not funded by taxes.

But where the township owns buildings, Griffith Farm, the pictures don't lie. If the Township cannot preserve and restore these large parcels of government owned property, how well do you think it will keep the Horse Show property? They cannot maintain what they own now. Government has proven time and again that it over reaches and then cannot fulfill its obligations. Now, with the economic downturn, the problem is amplified.

I am just a businessman with an employee payroll, rent to pay, inventories to keep and bills to pay. I know that if I over extend myself, I cannot raise prices to bail out the mistakes I have made. Government just raises taxes, searches for government grants (which is tax money, just redistributed from another source), or let things fall apart. Does anyone really want any of those options for West Vincent Township or the Horse Show Grounds? We are already there and it isn't going to get better by taking on another liability. To take the land by Eminent Domain is even more offensive to the taxpayer. If the Horse Show Grounds are taken, who will be next? Is anyone safe?

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