Here are some newspaper articles.  All worth reading, with the comments.
At the time I looked the following article had attracted 3266 viewings
http://www.pottsmerc.com/articles/2011/12/13/news/doc4ee768c59f816300098940.txt?viewmode=fullstory  (Same story as the first, different paper)

Here's a notice of Interest forwarded to me. I think it is a great idea.
BOYCOTT - BIRCHRUN HILLS FARM CHEESE -- Currently available at Kimberton Whole Foods,
320 Market Cafe, Fair Food Farmstand, Southwark Restaurant & Bar , and Di Bruno Brothers, sold at places where Di Bruno Brother Cheeses are sold. Please ask the stores etc who sell these cheeses to join us in a boycott of any products labeled Birchrun Hill Farms  (AKA KEN MILLER) if they will not, please boycott their store! Inform your friends and neighbors.

And here is another letter I received after the meeting.

So most people ended up leaving before the end... after all it was almost 11:45pm!  However, the last agenda item regarding Gilmore & Associates was actually approval of an $8000 environmental study for the LCHSA property.  Amazing that the Supervisors couldn't fathom a $2-3K spend/repercussion purportedly associated with rescinding their resolution  (supposedly no one on the Board knew, including the solicitor, what the penalty would actually be).  However, they had no problem authorizing $8K for an environmental study of the the Horseshow grounds!  Now I ask you...  if they were genuinely going to consider rescinding their resolution, do you think they'd need to spend $8000 of taxpayer money on the environmental study for land they weren't going to take!!!!!!
Here's what I think is going to happen.... the environmental study is going to show some type of contamination or other significant issue from something, rendering a HUGE decrease in property value for otherwise extremely desirable and valuable ground, yielding a dirt cheap "fair market" price for the Township.  The Township will take the property at great expense to taxpayers because LCHSA will likely put up a fight. The Township will at some point change it's tune, likely a "result" of the environmental study findings, and claim the public use of land will be for "economic development" purposes, which is one of the few and difficult purposes for a landowner to successfully defend against in Eminent Domain.  Supervisors will likely claim,  given the environmental "issues", that they aren't able to pursue the public park purpose, which clearly is a front for their real intentions given their inability to answer even the simplest of questions last night. The Supervisors will then "flip" the property to a third party, likely a for-profit entity, which Eminent Domain allows, and the land will be used in some way to benefit the developers of "moderate-income" housing likely planned for across the street.    Prove me wrong... please. I may not have the sequence of events right, but this is what I see unfolding.

I really wish I could prove you wrong but to me it seems a very valid scenario.  I would add, that if it should work out like this, then I can imagine that the developer, having obtained the land for a very moderate price, might be looking to supply some monetary favors to the supervisors who had enabled this................

And here is the letter I mentioned that I had received from a self confessed soccer fanatic.   I hope he sees his dream come true but somehow I doubt it.

Here is a shocker, but I am happy that the township is doing this.  I am usually in full agreement with you, and wonder whether you will publish me when I am not in agreement with you.

Although I might think eminent domain is heavy handed, I am thankful for a parks and (mostly for) playing fields, something the township is way being on providing.  I can say I have been to parks and rec. meetings where people have been full on against soccer fields.  I can't figure out what people have against kids playing sport.  You do know there is an epidemic of obesity in this country, yes?

When I look at how underutilized that area is I am happy to see it hopeful it will be used more effectively. In this one instance I am willing to take a wait and see attitude toward whether the township will properly handle this issue.  Yes, I do know the open fields are being used as sports practice fields, but they are poorly maintained and not designed and built professionally as proper sports fields.

As a parent and coach I go to beautiful field complexes in other townships and wonder why they have what we can't get our act together well enough to have.  I guess they either got it when land was cheap or when the will of the community was strong.  We did not have either going for us, but with a little luck we can have a facility that we can be proud of, and can be used by more people then currently use the land.

As long as the horse show set get their time for the horse show stuff, they should  be relieved that it won't be completely eaten up by development.  If I can coexist with the horse folks, they should be willing to coexist with the sporty folks.

Cheers,   Manny Chester

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