I got a lot of emails following yesterday's meeting.  The first is one from someone who had their eyes opened.  If you have never been to a meeting you should read it.

I just want to say that I am a 10+year resident of West Vincent Township. In the past I have only been to township meetings where I was directly affected. I also have to say that regrettably, I have not taken the time to educate myself on the town supervisors and have either not voted or voted for status quo in the past.  I have done this in part, because I like our township and have accredited that in part to the existing supervisors. I also have never heard a compelling enough reason to vote for someone else. It always seems that the candidates running against our current supervisors ran negative campaigns and never gave reasons why to vote for them versus why not to vote for the incumbent.

Having said that, after attending last night’s meeting I now know why we shouldn’t be voting for the current supervisors. It is my recommendation that everyone attend a township supervisor meeting before voting, and preferably one where something controversial will be discussed. Yes you can see the tapes and you tube but there is nothing like actually being there.

For further clarification, I am a landowner and a horse owner.  However the issue last night was not about horses and horse shows it was mostly about the sneaky and underhanded way this situation has been handled. Steve Siana, who stands to profit greatly from this whole situation, stated that in situations of condemnation there is no prior notice given as it can be detrimental to negotiating a fair price. Ok I can believe that, what I can’t believe is that there shouldn’t have been notice to the township after the condemnation was filed.  Additionally, while Ken Miller stood up there last night and smirked at the crowd he never answered one question as to why the township would want the Ludwig’s Horse Show grounds, other then he and Claire thought the township needed more ball fields. It is not a well thought out decision and we all are going to pay for it one way or the other .  I am appalled at the audacity and the stupidity of the people that run our township and you better believe that I will be very active going forward in our township elections and meetings.

I even received text messages during the meeting.................

Only 4 folks in the audience are supporting the action . The remainder are booing & hissing .

The thing that chaps my shorts is that the Griffith tract is a more ideal location , yet Kenny farms it. Conflict of interest perhaps?

The collective amnesia, the backpedaling & the arrogance of Clare & Kenny is truly amazing. The other players in this farce as well.

Lack of due diligence, conflict of interests, and just basic boneheadness is frightening .

Please read this stuff.  It is what people in the township are saying.  Here is a comment from me.

While French & Pickering Conservation Trust did the right thing yesterday, it was for the wrong reason.It seems we are at the end of the year, when those big Tax Deductible donations come in. Clare had clearly become a liability. After December 31, nobody needs to give up that money until the end of the next year. French and Pickering STILL employs Clare Quinn's best friend Pam Brown, the "Conservation Director" that built a house, 2 1/2 time the size allowed by zoning, on ground where the development rights were completely purchased. this is NOT conservation. It is theft. Pam Brown is no conservationist when it comes to her own ground. Let French & Pickering know your check will be sent when Pam Brown is gone, too!

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