Firstly I apologize to anyone who has written to me and not received a reply.  I am currently sending or receiving some 100 emails per day.  I do try to acknowledge all mails but some unfortunately get missed.  In amongst all these mails I have received only one, from a self confessed soccer fanatic, that supported the Ludwigs Corner takeover.  I'll publish it, as challenged by the writer, but, Manny Chester, maybe you would first confirm that your opinion has not changed?

Monday night's meeting is planned to include the review and adoption of the Zoning ordinance changes. There is a summary document on the Township website. Without this document, it is difficult  to make sense of the 42 pages of changes! So that you have time to get familiar with the changes, please see http://www.westvincenttwp.org/images/docs/ZO-Changes-Summary.pdf 

For example, 11a. This is where the property owner will be able to build any size accessory dwelling so long as the "living space" does not exceed 2000 square feet. That way, an unfinished area, such as the attic and basement can be finished later, doubling the living space. This was written only to bring Pam Brown in compliance with the regulation since her house was built grossly exceeding the current regulation and the administration let her get away with it. The concept of an accessory dwelling is a quaint house on a farm in which to house a helper and his family or the property owners aging parents. Not what Pam Brown built. This ordinance is being changed for one person.

Another observation. #9 I find interesting. I can't help but think this section is being changed to accommodate something in the works behind the scenes. Could, perhaps, the Deitrich Estate on St Matthews Rd (1000 acres+) be getting ready to fall to development? The rumors are flying out there.  #9 pertains to only large tracts of land being developed and there are very few left in West Vincent Township. In order to read more about Unified Development Area District, click on this link, http://www.westvincenttwp.org/misc_docs/2010%20Zoning%20Ordinance.pdf (it takes a while to load, be patient) and go to page 193.

I also noticed that the document supplied on the website is almost the same as the document I showed on October 27. I say almost because there is an entire paragraph inserted in the the one on the township website that was not in the original document, immediately after #7 which has the Tier Tables. You can compare the township one to the one I published by going to my website and looking at October 27, 2011. Why would they change the document in this way?

Another link to the Daily Local, this is a podcast

A letter from a reader addressing the Pam Brown issue
Maybe you had mentioned it before but you kind of wonder how she was able to get a building permit not to mention all the other approvals (planning commission, etc.).

I note:
Some very good points. It shows how this was a much bigger cover up then just Clare. She and Pam needed to leverage all of their friends in the township and boards to get it done. Of course, these are, for the most part, people that support Ken, Zoe and Clare and will do what they want.

Another letter
It is true about Zoe. She uses "situational morality" depending who she is talking to! She is trying to sell the land grab idea to anyone who will listen. Others, she has said "I'm done, I'm not going to another meeting! And for a woman who puts her social esteem on her priority list, she could have voted no, and left the board as a hero. Miller has a hold on people I will never figure out!
Yet another letter
I have been perusing  your e-mails and your information on this Monday night's meeting.  I find this interesting and upsetting at the same time.  So now I understand WHY they don't want us at their meeting.  They don't want to be quite that public at their form of politics.  Zoe Perkins wrote:

"I'm trying to get a special meeting for 12/14 at the fire hall to make it
easier for people to attend (you have a big crowd).  We have a legal conditional
hearing for the Boothroyd-McKenzies on the 12th plus a very boring zoning
ordinance review of 42 pages of legalese.  It seems to me that your group and the
entire community that is interested (!!) in this would be better served at a
special session devoted only to this."

The letter continues:
I'm so glad she wants to make it EASIER for us to attend. And I'm also think it's very considerate of her to think that we would be bored with 42 pages of legalese or that we wouldn't be that interested.  hmmmm I'm pretty darn interested now, and having gone through many years of school, I'm quite good at raising my hand and asking questions.....lots and lots of questions.

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