Back to Eminent Domain.  First a letter from a regular correspondent then an announcement following a meeting with the Parks and Recreation Committee then a letter about that meeting.........

The WVT supervisors did not make the eminent domain decision without discussion with and, one would assume, concurrence of it by solicitor Sienna. That concurrence was obviously a gross, self-serving mistake.  Couple that mistake with the astronomical legal bills WVT gets from that firm, it appears or could be perceived by a reasonable person that the Sienna firm has a conflict of interest in its representation of WVT: one of self-interest.  Therefore, wouldn’t it be appropriate for supervisor-elect Brown to call for replacing the Sienna firm as solicitor when he takes office next month?
A resident

Then there is this announcement:

12/12/11 - 7:30 P.M.

West Vincent Township Building

(Regardless of what the Township tells you --- we will be there, it is our right!)
Dear Friends,
Last evening a group of interested residents showed up at the Parks and Recreation Committee meeting held at the Township Building.  During the meeting they were kind to answer all of our questions.  Some of those questions were simply:
Q.  Was parks and recreations informed of the intent of the Board of Supervisors to seize the Horse Show grounds?
A.  NO
Q.  Has the Parks and Recreations Committee ever looked into the feasibility of putting ball fields at the horse show?
A.  No, although we are aware that you presently have some ball fields at the show grounds....(they did understand that they are "rough" fields.
Q.  Has Parks and Recreations compiled a budget to install the ball fields at the Horse Show Grounds and the resulting upkeep of them?
A.  No.
Q.  Since the Northern Federation Plan was cited as a justification for the needed ball fields, can you tell me if that plan has yet to be approved?
A.  No.
There was lengthly and good discussion on both sides of the table.  The discussion ranged from the the history of the Horse Show, our mission and why the public is so strongly opposed to this hostile taking to  potential other properties better suited as well as a dialog from the Horse Show side discussing why the Horse Show may not be the best location for the proposed ball fields or park.  Information was given to us regarding the recent French Creek property acquisition and a proposed Nature Park.  It was clear that the members of the Committee were as unhappy with the action of the committee.
At the end of the discussion, the Parks and Recreation Committee voted to condemn the use of Eminent Domain for the use of a Public Park and recommend to the Board of Supervisors that they rescind  their resolution forcing Eminent Domain on the Horse Show Grounds.
So for the record:  Senator Dinneman, Councilman Ryan Costello, Neighboring Townships, The West Vincent Parks and Recreation Committee, Hundreds of Residents have all gone on record condemning the action of the The Board of Supervisors.  Can the work of 3 people destory a 68 year tradition?
Since I am not a reporter, and I do not want to mis-lead or mis-quote anyone who spoke at the meeting, I highly recommend that you request a copy of the minutes of this meeting for your own review.  The Parks and Recreation Committee were clearly "blindsided" by this mis-use of power, they are not infavor
In addition, please be advised that the Friends of the Horse Show intend to attend the December 12, 2011 Board of Supervisors Meeting.  We hope you will join us.  We cannot promise a vote will be delivered.  In the most recent coorespondence with Zoe Perkins, her position is flip-flopping.  I was warned that this would happen.  I am sorry to have to report that it in fact is.
Our motto remains the same:  Rescind or Resign.
Thank you for your continued support!

Maria Jacobs
Friend of the Horse Show.

Then there is a letter:

Chickenman - I sat @ the Parks & Rec mtg last night. They too were blindsided & have motioned to advise the BOS they are not supporting their actions.  They have never planned to put ball fields on the showgrounds, have not looked at the grounds to see it they fit, do not know if they ever will put ball fields in, do not know the cost of doing so if they ever do. They agreed that manicured ball fields combined with massive horse trailers parked & driving on them is not a good combo. Anyone could see that. 

If I were a volunteer on that Park & Rec board I would wonder why I got thrown under the bus. It would make me quit & enroll my kids in a sport that does not involve the Township in any way. 
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