On Monday, December 12, at 7:30 pm, the West Vincent Supervisors will have a Township meeting. At that meeting, they are poised to review and take public comment on the latest Zoning updates. One of the updates, nicknamed by some as the Pam Brown Corrective Ordinance, is one where Clare Quinn's friend and co-worker Pam Brown (did I mention that Pam is the Conservation Director at French and Pickering?) is slated to make a serious change. Clare Quinn has stated why zoning is sometimes changed in this video:

What is that change you might ask? For reference, go to my website and look at the dates October 27, 2011 and both of October 31 e-mails.  There are many that have already read what I have written about this so if you have and understand it, skip this paragraph. Pam Brown was paid over $102,000 for the TDR's of her property. She sold her development rights. I have clearly, with documentation, shown that no further development (which is defined in the definitions of the TDR's as no building of a residence of any type) is allowed on the property. Pam Brown then built a house on the property as an "accessory dwelling" in contravention of her signed agreement. Then, she built it, when measured by the specifications of the township, to a size roughly 2 1/2 times that which is allowed for an accessory dwelling. Accessory Dwellings are measured as TOTAL AREA, which includes all enclosed floor area (including basements, unfinished attics, garage area).

The Township tried to tell Tom Helwig that it measures Habitable Floor area (which is the area people live in). That is not what the regulations state as shown in this video:

Why is it on Monday night, they are going to adopt an ordinance that changes the regulation from TOTAL AREA to HABITABLE AREA if Tom Helwig was wrong? Simple answer, he wasn't.

For all the new readers, welcome to West Vincent Township, Hazard County.

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