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With the ability to use alternative sites well documented, e.g. the Griffith Farm, and the use of eminent domain so obviously a political “no-no”, the only rational reason left for its use by WVT is that, once more, it serves to drive up the fees paid to the solicitor.  Pursuing eminent domain actions are a gold mine for legal firms.

Too bad one of the results of the last election will be that the Sienna law firm will not be replaced as primary counsel to WVT.

A resident

We must not forget the changes that are proposed to the zoning ordinance, which amongst other things will legitimize the building of Pam Brown's house.  Paid for you will remember by $100,000 of taxpayers money.  I wonder if all the brouhaha about the show grounds is just a smokescreen to divert everyone's attention away from these proposed changes?  Anyway here is another letter I received after Monday's meeting.

42 pages of revisions to the West Vincent Township Zoning Ordinance are sure to adversely impact more property values through limitations on use of one's property. Many saw tonight the Supervisors in action. Pathetic.  Supervisors were unable to say whether the proposed changes increase or decrease the number of non-conforming properties.  Non-conforming property = less rights for the property owner...all while the Township washes their hands of being accountable for answering this important question... they decided to strike the requirement that Towmship maintain a list of non-conformities.  All they did was play dumb, unable to decipher their own document and still not providing the summary prepared by the Solicitor explaining changes (i.e. before and after) to residents. All they could say was the changes are so we're compatible with the Phoenixville Master Plan.  In this economy when people need the best uses and highest value out of their property...this logic benefits the residents how?????  Abuse of property rights didn't end at  tonights meeting...it only began and people need to come out next week or forever lose more valuable property rights via the Zoning Changes!  Almost worse in my opinion than eminent domain since you don't get fair market value...they just zone your rights away and you're left with a battle,.

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