In the late afternoon of December 5, this letter was forwarded to me. From what I have been able to determine, it is legitimate.

December 5, 2011

The Board of Supervisors

West Vincent Township

729 St. Matthews Road

Chester Springs, PA  19425


Dear Supervisors:


The Board of Directors of the French and Pickering Creeks conservation Trust is greatly concerned by the use of condemnation by any government as a means of land preservation. After considerable discussion at our regular Board meeting on December 3 the following resolution was unanimously passed:


RESOLVED: as an organization concerned primarily with land preservation, the Board of Directors of the French and Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust does not support condemnation as a means of land preservation and community access. Additionally, we urge the Supervisors of West Vincent Township to reconsider the condemnation action of the Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show Grounds and to revisit the use of transfer of development rights (TDR’s) and/or other means of assuring land preservation and community access.


We compliment the excellent work done in the past in preserving land by the Township and its Supervisors and value the relationship between the Township and the Trust. We stand ready to assist in achieving reasonable compromise between the Township leadership and the property owners for the benefit of the citizens of the Township as well as other current and future users of this important space.


Respectfully submitted:


Cary F. Leptuck, President

For the Board of Directors


Delivered by hand

Clare Quinn is the Executive Director of the French and Pickering Trust. I have written about her and her co-worker Pam Brown many times. To see what I have written, go to my website and look at the following dates:
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 20 January, 2011: Pam Browns House
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If you have not read it before, what you read will shock you. The Township of West Vincent has allowed a building on ground where the Transferrable Development Rights were sold. Then, she built a house 2 1/2 times larger than allowed by the Zoning code for an "accessory dwelling". Even the County tax bill lists the building as larger than what is allowed. But because this is a friend of Clare Quinn and the others on the administration, it is allowed. Protecting the environment is for the "little people" in West Vincent, not the royalty of Clare Quinn and her friends. As a side note, the Township will be adopting changes in the Zoning at next weeks meeting so that Pam Brown's house will then conform. This is how business is done with the West Vincent Administration.

I wonder when the French and Pickering Conservation Trust will realize that the decrease in donations is not just because of the economic downturn? In the end, we can only hope the Board of F&P will do the right thing.

By the way, I wrote a piece about Sam and Eleanor after Eleanor's death and it is on my site. It is dated September 15.

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