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The following transcript was taken from an audio recording of the Meeting of 12-5-2011. People were identified by the supplier of the recording. Several recordings were submitted and I thank you all.  I will save my comments for after the transcript. 
This was not part of the township meeting. I have written this in a script form since to give a better feel for the actual event.

Transcript from 12-5-2011

Unknown Person: Quiet please.

Gavel knocking several times.

Several yells for quiet.

Clare Quinn. We would like to thank you all for coming. Uh, I'm here to announce that we are tabling tonight's discussion of anything having to do with the Horse Show...

Gasps from the audience.

Several raps of the gavel.

John Jacobs: Listen...

Clare Quinn: Excuse me.

John Jacobs: Listen up folks. This is really really quite good.

Clare Quinn: The reason we are tabling, is we have heard what you have to say in the community. We have heard from our friends who are very much supportive of what we have done.....

Jeers from the audience.

Several raps of the gavel.

Clare Quinn: We have heard from our friends who are not. We have heard from people we don't know who are supportive of what we have done and we've heard from people we don't know who are not. Because of that and because of our main interest to the residents in West Vincent with as little turmoil as possible, we have decided to consider a motion to rescind the condemnation. We are not going to do this tonight because one of our members is not here..

Laughter from the audience.

Unknown Person: (undecipherable) ...taxes.

Clare Quinn: Excuse me.

Unknown person: Barry, enough.

Clare Quinn: Excuse me. One of our members is not here for something that was planned for a very long time. We will convene and have a discussion and a vote on the issue in the near future when he returns. That meeting will be announced to you. It will be held at the firehouse so there's room for you all and you can...comment. Until then, I ask that we end this discussion for this evening. We are going to start our regular meeting. Thank you all for coming.

Allen Greenwood: (indecipherable)

Clare Quinn: It will not be next Monday the 12th, because we have other, a very heavy agenda that night. It will be announced. It will be announced, it will be on our website, advertised and we invite you all back.

Clapping and cheers

Unknown person: There's more questions

John Jacobs: Folks,my name is John Jacobs, I'm the President of the Ludwig's Corner Horse Association. The township asked me, to ask for stuff, I've got to commend them for this decision. I'm sure it was not easy for them to come to that but it's the right decision as far as I'm concerned. It still remains to be seen.....

Unknown Person: Louder please!

John Jacobs: They asked...

Unknown Person: John Jacobs from the LCHS Association is speaking.

John Jacobs: They asked if I could just calm you down and say thank you all for coming and leave in an orderly fashion and folks, I just thank you all, this is wonderful news for us. This is possible the best news we could have gotten, an early Christmas Present, so thank you very much. And I hope you understand and aren't too disappointed. This is what we came for.

Cheers and clapping from the audience.

Please read what was said clearly. I point to Clare Quinn's statement, "...we have decided to consider a motion to rescind the condemnation". Consider is not "will". This is in no way a done deal. There was a quorum last night. The motion could have been done, voted on and the issue put to rest. It wasn't. 

This discussion was "tabled", according to Quinn. It was not on the agenda. What she meant to say is that it will not be discussed in any way. Therefore, this was not part of the official meeting in any way. The meeting commenced AFTER this transcript concluded.

I also find it peculiar that Ken Miller suddenly could not be at the meeting.  Normally, unless ill, injured or something abruptly comes up, the Supervisors announce that they will not be at the next meeting. Maybe I missed it but I don't recall Ken Miller stating that he would be away due to "something that was planned for a very long time". Maybe what was planned for a long time was his stance on Eminent Domain when it was his property that was under scrutiny for eminent domain for a NATIONAL purpose, not a local one. If you are a new subscriber, I recently attached a link to an article from 2008 which dealt with the Miller Farm and the potential of a gas pipeline taking part of his property. That issue, by the way, was successfully battled by the township with Zoe Perkins and Barry DiLibero teaming together when the pipeline wanted to come through West Vincent. Ken Miller initially thought it best to leave it in the Federal and State hands.

This is in no way an early Christmas present. Taking away your car and then POTENTIALLY giving it back is not a gain, in fact, it isn't even a balance. Robbing a bank and when you get caught you give the money back isn't a wash of the of the incident. Be very afraid of these people. I have been writing for 17 months now and showing what these people are like. And yet, Clare Quinn was voted back in. I tried to warn people. They didn't listen. Now they try to take something dear to all of us.

As I have said, there is more to come, much more.

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