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Thank you everyone who came out (with and without horses) to show your opposition to the seizure of Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show Grounds by W. Vincent Township and their use of Eminent Domain.

Please Help!
Please contact your Township Supervisors and voice your concerns:

Ken Miller
Clare Quinn
Zoe Perkins

Township Phone Number:  610-458-1601


Beginning in2003, the Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show Association and West Vincent Township had discussed a transfer of the development rights (TDR) for the property.  The talks essentially ended because the township, which had previously only negotiated residential development rights, could not determine a fair value for the 26-acre commercially zoned portion of the tract. In the spring of 2011, the Association contacted West Vincent Township indicating its willingness to use the agreed upon residential rate for all of the TDRs on the property. Throughout the year the Association contacted West Vincent to complete the negotiations, and as recently the end of October, the township indicated it was a priority for them to complete the negotiations with LCHSA in 2011.

On November 28, the West Vincent Board of Supervisor passed a resolution condemning the Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show Grounds. This capricious taking is detrimental to the welfare of the general community. In particular, the township’s action puts 33-acres of open ground at risk. The Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show Association is bound by its by-laws and charter to use the property for the show and other recreational purposes. While the township’s press release suggests they might continue this type of use, the West Vincent Master Plan indicates a significant portion of the property to be used as a commercial site.

The Board of Supervisor are taking away one of the very special cultural features of the region.  Their press release expresses that they will work to continue the Labor Day Show, but they do not offer support to the dog shows and other horse shows held on the grounds. LCHSA greatly subsidizes the smaller horse show events and relies on them to generate in-kind support for its show. When the township’s action disenfranchises the equine community, the Association will lose the support of its volunteers making it difficult to staff and run the LCHS. Furthermore, once the commercial area of the property or ball fields are developed the physical constraints and lateral abrasion of uses would make it impossible to host a horse show on the site.

LCHSA’s goal is to preserve the grounds and keep the show running. We look forward to a time when the township will enter a dialog with us to ensure there always will be a high quality horse show at Ludwig’s Corner.

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If you should wish to make more personal contact with the supervisors, here are some phone numbers

Ken Miller        Home 610-827-1603 Barn 610-827-7105 Cell 610-496-5963

Clare Quinn     Home 610-827-7145  Work 610-933-7577
Zoe Perkins     Home 610-827-7547

The following email from Whitney Jaeger
was forwarded on to me and I thought it important to publish it.

I think its to all of our best interests to find out what is actually going on here--why is Ed Bacon the only one quoted here?  I called Zoe and there is an entirely different angle than the one shown here.  The township is doing the right thing here I think.  The board of the horse show is demanding a higher price for TDRs than the township ever--repeat ever--pays.  When the township doesn't agree to those demands (because they have to be fiscally responsible to us, the taxpayers), the horse show board (whose president is a DEVELOPER, for God's sake!!!!) sits back and says they will sell to a developer and let it get developed. The township wants to keep it a horse show/park/sports field ground.  They want to run the horse rings as a "key ring" setup, like Radnor, which means a person pays a fee annually and gets a key to use the horse ring any time its available.

Whatever. Go to today's meeting and make your voice heard. 

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