I received another letter about the administration.

I hope you keep on with what you’re doing, CM.  Eventually it will pay off.

Unfortunately, I fear it is too late.  Here’s what I see happening:

this last election represented the apogee of a political try to oust this terrible administration and its backer/string-puller/main beneficiary, Steve Sienna.  Now that the way is relatively clear for them, as WVT grows and expands according to their whims and dictates, they and Sienna will profit hugely from this expansion.  In every development or transaction, they will get their cut.  Watch the legal bills Sienna continues to send to WVT grow and grow.  While having such bills ten times the size of every neighboring township would seem enough to speak for itself and alert the caring citizenry, it has not and will not do so in this future scenario I speak of.  But then, something will happen and this will be exposed sufficiently to arouse the voters to back candidates who will replace this group and Sienna.  By then, though, the damage will have been done, Sienna will have reaped so much money he will be able to move on without caring and WVT, though cleansed, will never recover from this regime.  

I had hoped for better.

A Resident

There is a great deal of sense in what he says.  Although I'll remark that to be precise, the legal bills are not "ten times the size of every neighboring township"  but in some cases ONLY five times the size of those in neighboring townships.

You can see an example in the following Bills list for November 14. 
Siana-Bellwoar sent a bill to West Vincent township which contains an amount owed of $13,000 (for one month or less) for "General Matters". "General Matters" are paid by the General Fund of the township, unlike the other categorized charges which are typically (but not always) paid by the person or organization that is listed.

The $13000+ bill came out, not surprisingly, right after the election. Just as a comparison, that single monthly bill is ONE THIRD of the WHOLE YEARLY COSTS for solicitor bills in Uwchlan township. Uwchlan Township has a population of 18,089, Industrial parks, and several shopping centers.  Since the elections turned out the way they did, count on the same law firm and the same outrageous legal bills for at least the next two years.

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