To keep going, here are some readers letters.  Sorry for the delay.  But we have a life to live. 

Please, if you understand what I have written, and the corruption I have shown to you, please tell your neighbors.  Talk to them!  We obviously have to convince a lot more people if we are to get West Vincent running cleanly again.

Soon, look out for the back dated legislation to make Pam Brown's illegal construction legal again.  Look out for legislation to make trash collection a township responsibility, contrary to what 90 % of people voted against on the Brown/Trolier site.

I will keep looking out for illegalities and tell you about them.  But it takes a lot of time.  
  These people - the ones I am against - are professionals at corruption.  They are skilled at hiding misdeeds.

Remember please.  Your 5 minute read of my investigative work may constitute several peoples work taking hours and maybe days to collect.

Anyway, here are the letters............


 Hang in there buddy. When you’re done feeling blue, Pick yourself up and be strong and prep for 2 more years. It comes around fast.

 I look at these numbers optimistically.  Brown won with less than 51% of the vote… BARELY a majority.

 While Quinn won with only 41% of the vote.  That means that almost 60% voted against her.  In such turmoil is opportunity.

 And it could be [a little] worse. You could have had Trolier elected! J

 But, even with not knowing the size of your mailing list, you need to somehow expand the story to those not on the list. Flyers in mailboxes? Open access to an anonymous website? I don’t know.  However, I do feel your pain and hope you can reach back and pull yourself up by your jock strap, as you have a big set for doing what you’re doing!!  Keep up the good work.

 Peace and best wishes!

Oh, Dear Chickenman,
What a bummer!!!  Why doesn't the truth win out??  IT is discouraging, but my husband wanted me to tell you that  whatever a man sows, that he will reap.  Hey, look what happened at Penn State.  So perhaps the lawyer story is more than a story. and something may turn up.
You did a terrific job.  We should have you over for dinner.  Take a break now, but don't' be too down. 
And you never know....perhaps David Brown will step up to the plate.  Man, that Quinn is as bad as Hillary and she got beat....oh dear, but look at by who.  yuk!
We appreciate ALL that you and your researchers did....great job!!!!  Thanks so much.

Thanks CM-
I still cannot believe what goes on in WV Gov't.
I will start to attend some meetings to see these folks in action. I thought that with all the Weatherstone residents they have , if they understood what was going on( proof was presented in your E-mails) and if someone got the vote out in that community, our write-in candidates should have had way more votes!
   Let's see if some of the evidence you unearthed , goes anywhere.
TY for fighting ( and penning) the good fight. I assume it does take a lot of your time.
  Hope to hear from you in the future , wherever and whoever you are !

Chickenman -
    Don't give up on us. YOU are the only true voice in this corrupt and dishonest Township.
    Your honesty in reporting violations and wrongdoings have brought what has been going on all along. Who will keep reporting these to an evergowing "membership".
   Sincerely - a 60 year citizen of this now defunct township  

And finally just a word from me, personally, and not from my sponsors.  I really feel like giving up on West Vincent.  I really do.   I have spent more than a year, I have written more than 100 emails with more than 100,000 words in total, exposing the corruption in West Vincent.  And yet, what happens?  Corruption is voted back in to rule.  What is happening?  Do people say to themselves, it's nothing to do with me?  Or do they just say, I don't care about any corruption, it's a nice place to live?  Or do they say, those supervisors, we trust them, they wouldn't do things like that?  They wouldn't stand for office if they did things like that?  Is that what people really think?  Or are there are too many who just sit on their backsides waiting for others to do it all? 

Looking at West Vincent I found a lot of corruption.  I found a good number of people who hate that corruption.  But there are too many people who either approve of the corruption, or don't realise it is there, or who just don't give a damn. Far too many.   Hopefully, if you are on my list, and you have read this far, you are not one of them.

Please, take an interest.  Talk to your neighbors.  Go to township meetings. Ask questions. Read the bills list I send out.  Really, if everything was going well, all that should not be needed.  I don't need to do all that where I live.  But I don't live in a screwed up township.  I know that where I lived I can trust my representatives. You are there in WVT, you chose to live there, it is your responsibility and to YOUR ADVANTAGE to help run a clean government. Or rather, now, to regain one.

Watch them.  Watch them like hawks.  Tell me if you spot anything and I'll check it out.  For the moment that's all we can do.

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Best wishes