To those of you that don't know, here are the results of the election in West Vincent:

Candidate             Votes.         %

The Firehouse
6 year term
Brown                      232.       47.15
Eldridge.                  108.       21.95
Write in.                   152.      30.89

2 year term
Trolier.                     151.        30.32
Quinn.                      200.       40.16
Write in.                   147.       29.52

The Township Building
Brown.                     313.        53.69
Eldridge.                 142.        24.36
Write in.                  128.        21.96

Trolier.                   215.        36.82
Quinn.                    246.        42.12
Write in.                 123.        21.06


6 year term
Brown.                    545
Eldridge.                250
Write in.                 280

2 year term
Quinn.                     446
Trolier.                    366
Write in.                  270

The new Supervisors in West Vincent Township starting in January, 2012 will be Brown & Quinn. It looks to me that a great number of subscribers came out to vote yesterday. Thank you for trying to get the best people into office.

The political machine was in full swing with poll watchers, people to phone bank to calling voters and the outstanding job they did of knocking on doors and don't forget, money. Lot's of money.

Quinn's team used signs that said "re-elect" that were old. There weren't alot of them. right after my posting, the NEW and Shiny Quinn signs came out. I guess they were on order? Who cares what Quinn did. She bought a ton of new signs, did mailings, had a professionally made website. Most importantly, she had no supporting evidence for any claims she made against me or the candidates. Just her empty words.

The Malasics and Holderness team really had no money in this campaign and had to run a shoestring operation. They didn't even make new signs. They re-used the old signs over again. Their website was done by the candidates, not a professional service. The content, the writings, all by them or a friend. Not one dime was spent on the development of the web pages.

I admired the transition that the Brown-Trolier team website made from an attitude of that if they were elected they would continue to to run the township the same way. As the campaign progressed, the platform changed, saying that the things need to change. Brown and Trollier adapted as I wrote. The question is, with the Quinn-Miller machine still in charge, will anything change? Will anything get better? Honestly, I don't hold out hope for that. David Brown will have to really step up to the plate and push. ....hard.

Here are a few letters I have received since honesty lost in WVT.  I had to dig them out of my 'dead and gone' folder since I was originally so disenchanted with the results that I was going to give up on you and West Vincent.
"Pam Brown says they have 3 lawyers looking at the allegations of corruption for Clare and Ken
and think they have a good case.
We believe you."

That's fine with me.  I hope they are paying for the lawyers themselves and not getting the township to pay. Or maybe Pam would spend part of that $102,800 the taxpayers gave her to pay that bill?

Although I suspect the story of 3 lawyers is just that, a story.  Meant to put the frighteners on me.  Or, more likely, trying to convince you and others that they actually have a case.

Another letter:
"Do NOT be disheartened.
You did real well, far better than I thought you would do.
You have opened up a big overloaded can of worms...that will see much daylight
in the months to come...
keep on keepin on..."

Well, OK, but there's nothing that can be done for 2 years now.  I need to get on with my life, my researchers in WVT need to get on with their lives, but everyone please tell me when you spot some evidence of corruption in WVT.  I'll look into it.

In the meantime think about those who prefer to pay higher taxes. 

Think about the new trash collection idea.  Multiple collectors, straight deal.  One collector, on a township arranged contract, can you imagine the possibility that raises for kickbacks for those who choose the contractor?  It might cost less, the first year, just to look good.  But after that?  I'll keep watching.

Oh, and here's another thought, and a letter:
"Perhaps Weatherstone residents should be reminded that most of us have our trash collected on "private" undedicated alleys.   Don't think the township will go down those alleys (they don't provide snow removal or maintenance there).  So, under a township trash provider, we will have to haul our trash from the garages behind our house, through gates and over landscaping, etc to get it to the front of our houses (where most people park).  Oh, and we'll probably pay more for the pleasure of doing so."

And another letter, I think not so serious as some others....
"Those noisy fuel oil trucks have been a problem too! Think we could pass an ordinance requiring one oil supplier and perhaps deliveries on tuesday and thursday between 9 am and 3pm?"

This was a long e-mail. I've got other stuff to do. 

Talk to your neighbors, go to township meetings.  Question what is done in your name.  Above all, look for honesty.

My very best wishes to you all for the future.