Have you voted yet?  You still have time.  Please vote to put an end to corruption in West Vincent.

Please vote so that you can put an end to my receiving letters like this:


I don’t think the citizens of WV give a damn about their own government.  Just look at what they’ve put up with from Ken Miller all these years, not the LEAST of which is a failure to pay his own township taxes!  My God, what does the opposition have to do to wake up those people?

I say WV is a Second Class township in every sense of the word and will continue to be so until Miller and his cronies, Quinn, Perkins, Brown and Trolier are voted out of office or not allowed to take office.  

I reside in a neighboring township where we joke privately among ourselves about WV.  I challenge the voters of WV to prove me wrong on 11/8; I DARE YOU!

A neighbor

Please!  I don't like to receive letters like this, I don't like West Vincent being made fun of in this way.

You know my feelings, vote for write-in candidates Richard Malasics (6 year term) www.vote4rich.com and Maria Holderness (2 year term) www.vote4maria.com. Their concern is the proper operation of the Township, financially and fairly. This is your township, not the politicians. Let them know with your write-in vote on Tuesday, November 8.

See me at the polls...................

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