The township is hell bent on taking over the trash collection and they sure seem like they are in a hurry to do it.  The administration first brought it up a few weeks ago.  At that meeting 2 of the candidates for supervisor spoke up to ask questions.  Maria Holderness asked why the township would want to do this.  Kit Trollier asked if she could be on the task force to help implement it. A stark contrast there, I'd say.

Understand that this ordinance would remove your ability to choose your trash provider, and how much you pay, how often trash is picked up and give you little or no recourse for poor (or missed) service. You would be forced to pay the "official township anointed" trash collector whatever the supervisors work out (for a per house fee) with that collector.  Current polling indicates that very few  in the township want this change.

Here is the result of one poll, actually taken from the
Trolier/Brown website

So why are the current board members in such a hurry to force this onerous ordnance on the citizens of West Vincent?

At last night's meeting they were already talking about drafting an ordinance. More legal fees , I imagine.  I find it interesting that the township is drafting an ordinance but has yet to mention what the cost per household would be.  How do they know it is a good idea for the residents, without the details? And why are they in such a hurry to implement it? The Trolier/Brown team are for this push for Municipal trash hauling. While they talk about minimal government, I find it funny that the first thing they want is more government in your life. Think about this new bill when you go to the polls today.

You know my feelings, vote for write-in candidates Richard Malasics (6 year term) www.vote4rich.com and Maria Holderness (2 year term) www.vote4maria.com. Their concern is the proper operation of the Township, financially and fairly. This is your township, not the politicians. Let them know with your write-in vote on Tuesday, November 8.

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