I hear Clare Quinn has been out campaigning almost in panic.  Of course, she has a lot of money resting in the outcome of this election, both for her and for Ken Miller.  Unlike Rich and Maria who have in mind community service, and that's all, Clare has a lot of money resting on the outcome.

Both she and Ken do favors for friends, and you can bet those favors don't come cheap.  Road contracts, grass cutting contracts, snow clearance contracts, all faked up to maximum, priced so that bribes can be paid. You remember the detailed proof I showed how Pam Brown was paid over $100,000 not to build another house,  then did with full approval of the present supervisors.

KEEP THIS IS MIND: Kit Trolier and David Brown have said they believe that the Administration is well run. Then why vote for Brown OR Trolier when they say Clare is doing a great job? Is Clare doing a good job? I have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that all three are a shame, I mean, the same.

You know my feelings, vote for write-in candidates Richard Malasics (6 year term) www.vote4rich.com and Maria Holderness (2 year term) www.vote4maria.com. Their concern is the proper operation of the Township, financially and fairly. This is your township, not the politicians. Let them know with your write-in vote on Tuesday, November 8.

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