I am getting a huge number of letters.  Please excuse me if I do not acknowledge them all.

Here are a few of those letters:

You always tell it like it is!  I've lived in this township for a long long time.  Clare, Zoe, Ken, Dave, Barbara, Henry, Karl etc...that whole group has been in collusion for the entire time I've lived here and even long before that. They don't like you because you expose their soft white underbelly. It stinks for them but it's great for us! residents who know that they don't give a rats ass about anyone but themselves. If you choose to use my response please keep my identity private....they would never believe who I am!  And it would cause all sorts of squirming and teeth gnashing. Oh well. Keep it up Chickenman!  Someday David will smite Goliath.
A HUGE Fan "

One of the sole reasons WV taxes are as high as they are is the distinct lack of commercial development in the township that can contribute to the tax base. Commercial development needs very little from the township in terms of services, adds nothing to the school district burden, and thus is the only realistic way a township can lower taxes for residents.  WV and Clare have continuously thwarted commercial development and thus raised taxes for residents.
A resident"

"Ps Chickenman...yeah I read it but you know what....
WEATHERSTONE RESIDENTS NEED TO VOTE EN MASSE ...and that means more than 1 or 2...  
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