Many years ago, the Supervisors of West Vincent really HATED the thought of the Weatherstone property being developed (does anyone realize that Ken Miller's Family used to own a chunk of that area?). The attitude has been tempered some now that the voting bloc is getting larger, so in the last election or so, there seems to be a little thawing towards the “city dwellers”. Not my words, I assure you. Newer residents to Weatherstone should ask some of the original members for a refresher course on the treatment in "the old days".

I thought I would share this article (below) from October 3, 2005, only 6 years ago. (Ignore that it says “E. Vincent in the heading, that is a typo.  ). This is some great history about what the Supervisors did when they sold an idea to Owen J Roberts School District to move the location of the then proposed West Vincent Elementary School from Pearls Farm at Horseshoe Trail and Rt 100, to its current location. But to do so, they had to forcibly wrest control of the sewage plant for Weatherstone from Hankin. The Court saw through the takeover attempt. Still, the Hankin Group did eventually work out a deal with the Township so that the school could hook up to the sewage plant.  Astronomical legal bills, bad faith in the community, and an aggressively adversarial position against the builder that was working by an approved agreement. The Township's attitude is that if they want something, they will just TAKE IT.  This is how this Administration does business. Who were the Supervisors then? Ken, CLARE and Zoe, your current Supervisors were a united front in this action. Do you think anyone that is supported by this Administration will be any different?  Be sure to share with your friends and neighbors:

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Note 1: 
The article refers to E. Vincent.  That's a typo!

Note 2:
You need to read both first columns in the next 2 scans before starting on the second column.  I couldn't get the whole page in my scanner!