I took the time to look up the political parties of the signing supporters of the Committee to re-elect Clare Quinn (Democrat). Do you remember the letter I attached the other day for Committee to re-elect Clare Quinn (Democrat)?    It shows that Zoe signed it, the Chairman of Good Government for West Vincent (represents the Republicans)? Well here it is again:

(By the way it was sent out on the 8th although dated the 11th.)

Read the lines at the top. It says, “We are Republicans, Democrats and Independents who strongly urge you to join is in electing Clare Quinn to the 2-year position”.

Here is how it breaks down, with registered political affiliations:

Zoe Perkins-Republican
Ken Miller-Republican
Sharon Davis-Republican
Bob Casciato-Democrat
George Walleigh-Republican
Lee Calhoon-Republican
Kate Damsgaard-Democrat
Maurie Kring-Republican
Dru Kring-Republican
Harriet Stone-Democrat
Adrienne Boyance-Republican
Bob Kaiser-Republican
Joe Vasile-Republican
Jane Vasile-Republican

Did you spot something here? There are NO INDEPENDENTS on that list. They have used the term “Independent" in order to influence the Independent voter, to suggest Clare signing supporters include Independents.

I will now pose this simple question:
If the truth can't be told about the simple things, how can we trust anything that comes from this side?

I think I know the answer.

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