Harriet Stone, a JUDGE of Elections in West Vincent township sent me an e-mail

Harriet Stone wrote:
"You mentioned that people who might feel intimidated at the polling station should apply for an absentee ballot.  According to Voter Services, the only reasons for a absentee ballot are illness or being away (I think that means out of the county for the entire time the polls are open).  The solution I see for someone who is worried about intimidation is for them to contact our Constable Dave Monteith who I am copying on this email so that he could be an escort.  They could also alert the Judge of Election (me in precinct 1 or Victoria Hanko in precinct 2) if such a situation exists; we do not want our voters intimidated."

I replied personally:
"I believe I said in my newsletter
"Are you worried that you might be intimidated at the polling station and might be out of town due to other duties or obligations?"
However I am glad to see that you also are worried that people might be intimidated at the polling station.

I will also respond publicly:

I know for a fact that you know well of the situation that is going on at the polls in West Vincent Township. Some of the campaign supporters are in the face of the voter. They also stand far too close to the entrances of the polls. Not in the legal definition which is that no one can be closer than 10 feet to the entrance of the polling place. That is inside the buildings. Rather, the supporters just inside the door at the township building entrance, merely a couple feet away from the entrance doors. These people almost block the entrance, badgering the voters, literally surrounding them, telling them why the voter should select their candidate.  As a matter of safety for entrance and egress, those campaigners should be at least 10 feet from the INSIDE OR OUTSIDE of the doors with a minimum 10 feet distance from the wall that the entrance doors are affixed. They should also be clear of the sidewalks by a minimum of 2 feet so that when the voters are passing each other coming to and from the polls, they have room to give way without being impeded by the campaigners. The township and the fire company can have safety rules in place such as these. Let's see if you and your counterpart in Ludwig's push to have such rules enacted. November 8 is a week away.

Now, I put to you this point. If the people that write to me are afraid to post their names when e-mailing me for fear of retribution, do you truly and sincerely believe that they will come complain when immediately after the complaint, YOU will be at the board, listening to their name being loudly announced so that the public may hear it (which is a requirement) so a ballot may be dispensed? Nevermind, I think we both know the answer.

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