Here is the valid Zoning Ordinance during the timeline for the development of Pam Brown's house which pertains to “Accessory Dwellings”.

"Section 2201 Accessory Buildings, Structures, and Dwelling Units: 
E. Accessory Dwellings
Where accessory dwellings, including but not limited to accessory apartments, elder cottages, carriage houses, tenant houses or other accessory dwelling unit types are permitted, the following provisions shall apply:
The floor area of the accessory dwelling units shall not exceed 1500 sq. ft.; however, on lots of ten (10) acres or more, one of the accessory dwelling units may contain up to 2000 sq. ft. of floor area.

And here is the full definition of FLOOR AREA from the 2003 ordinance which is still the same today:

"Floor Area: The total enclosed area in horizontal planes or floors of all buildings or structures."

That definition clearly means ALL basements, attics, garage space and unfinished areas of the house are to be counted as square footage.

Here is a video from May 9, 2011 in which Tom Helwig confronts the Township about this subject. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_RK9U9eiWM

The video is about 4 minutes long and clearly shows both sides of the argument. Tom Helwig is reading the proper sections from the ordinances, the township counters by reading inapplicable sections of the ordinance.  Read my earlier e-mail which can be seen by going to my website
http://tinyurl.com/westvincentinfos and clicking 27 April (Pam Brown Remarks, Accessory dwellings). The 2003 Ordinances are also available at the township (these were the ordinances applicable at that time) and I have published the pertinent parts on that page 27 April. I highly recommend you to look for yourselves. The Township also has a video of this meeting on it's website with extremely vague minutes.

It should now be PERFECTLY CLEAR to everyone that the TOWNSHIP KNOWS that what was done is a violation and allowed it for a friend!  How can these people OR the people they support be trusted? Any of them! I think you know the answer. Remember, the TAXPAYERS gave Pam Brown $102,800 to preserve ground and she built a 5000+ square foot house (by the township calculations for accessory dwelling) on that property. That building is more than 2.5 times the allowable size by the regulations. How did she do it? Clare Quinn and help from Ken Miller, Zoe Perkins, Jim Wendelgass and the Zoning officer Sandra Cantrell-Edwards to create a coverup. That is, until they thought it would be best to fix the problem before the “wrong people” perhaps got into office. Who are wrong people? Anyone that they don't support!

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