I recently released a very important document pertaining to Zoning Changes. After reviewing them, I made some very interesting discoveries. Staggering, really. It is said that many times, it isn't the crime, it's the cover up. I have been maligned by the Township Board and many others. Once again, the township proves I am right. This Township administration just can't seem to be honest. It's as if the effort is just too difficult.

On April 27, 2011, I revealed that Pam Brown, sworn conservationist and co-worker of CLARE QUINN at the French and Pickering Trust, built an ACCESSORY DWELLING 2.5 times the legal limit on her preserved ground. The township has ever since vehemently denied this claim, as you would expect. They did so to:

1.   Protect a big supporter of the administration

2.   Protect Clare Quinn from being exposed as a hypocrite.

Here is the video (full meeting on the Township website) where Clare Quinn explains why ordinances are sometimes changed. Read along with the video clip:


Clare Quinn: “.....sometimes the ordinance is amended to reflect what is happening in the township and not to unnecessarily burden property owners who are doing something, it might be in violation of an ordinance. We don't want it to be a violation of an ordinance and we review it, there's no reason for it to be governed by the ordinance and that restriction will be removed.”

This is what the Zoning change in the Memorandum states (Section 11a of the Memorandum I sent out on the 27th)

The Township is switching from “Floor area” to “habitable floor area”. Why is this important? I will explain later.

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