After my e-mail about the cross donation between the candidate committees, I received this e-mail:

Zoe Perkins has had to defend herself against your meritless claims. As explained to me, her husband is a Democrat and she had nothing to do with any donation. If there was a donation, it came from him. Your claim is a fabrication and you know it.

Here is the documentary proof.
Contributions over $250 form for re-Elect Clare Quinn (Zoe Perkins, not her husband)

More documents
Political Registration Registration Statement (Zoe Perkins)

Clare Quinn says on her website, "By the way, Zoe signed on as campaign chair for Brown and Trolier during the primary, not the general." So what? That's true, but she continues to be the Chairman to this day as I demonstrated by showing the section of Good Government for West Vincent's website. That section is still there, here is a snapshot taken from the site today.

Then she signed the support letter for Clare Quinn dated October 11, 2011. I think the hard evidence speaks for itself. She is playing for BOTH TEAMS which is misleading to voters.

More documents.........

Political Registration Registration Statement (Kate Damsgaard and Lee Calhoon)

Contributions over $250 form for Good Government (Calhoon and Damsgaard)

The Republican team Chairman is the largest donor to the Democrat and the Democrat team Chairman and Treasurer are the largest AND third largest donor to the Republican team. This is called COLLUSION. Political office is about TRUST and INTEGRITY. If any of these people get into office, can you believe anything they tell you? I think you know the answer.

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