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In the last section of my investigation, I demonstrated that both “Good Government for West Vincent” and the “Committee to Re-Elect Clare Quinn” were generously throwing money at each other. The question then became “Why in the world would two competing sets of candidates be financing each other?”.

The answer is so simple that it some won't even be able to grasp it. As we are taught, two opposing parties come to the field to do battle and one becomes the victor. That is, when there is a real battle, not just an act. An act is what we have going on here in West Vincent Township. And the play is for fools, or so the actors (or candidates, in this case) think, anyway. You, the voter are expected to be the fools.

All of the candidates on the ballot are in this scam together. They don't care who wins as long as it is two of the four. These four are giving you the illusion that they care, that they stand for something, a greater good. The fact is, they stand for each other and protecting the status quo. Why else would they be supporting each others candidacies?

Allow me to give an example:
In the old USSR, the citizens were given the right to vote in open and fair elections. The voters were offered two candidates, both Communist and with the same platform. The candidates differed in name only. The voter was able to pick which name they liked better. What is important is that the voter got a choice, not that the candidate represented them. The candidates represented the State. These groups are supporting both sides of the aisle, proving that West Vincent is like the old USSR. None of these candidates care about you, they care about themselves and their friends. Remember, a politician, like a con-man, tells you what you want to hear. As if I need to prove it any further, after the YouTube video exposing David Brown as the real owner of Good Government for West Vincent, he split his website from GGfWV.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofoyVnUw-eE

It is still there if you type in his personal website, it is still there, just in the old style format. But you, the voter are expected by these candidates to be too stupid to discover that. All of the balloted candidates believe that the voters of West Vincent are fools. Remember the adage, bird of a feather flock together? Sounds like the flock of four candidates are of the same feather to me.

You know my feelings, vote for write-in candidates Richard Malasics (6 year term) www.vote4rich.com and Maria Holderness (2 year term) www.vote4maria.com. Their message has NEVER wavered, always backed with facts and references and their concern is the proper operation of the Township, financially and fairly. This is your township, not the politicians. Let them know with your write-in vote on Tuesday, November 8.

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