Previously, I demonstrated that while Zoe Perkins tells you that she supports Kit Trolier and David Brown by running their campaign, she is quietly financing the opposition as well as signing a support letter for Clare Quinn, who is running for the same position as Kit Trolier. What gives?

A little research sheds light on the subject. Documents from Chester County Voter Services pertaining to the Katharine “Kit” Trolier and David Brown campaign are quite revealing. It seems that there are some interesting donors. Here is what I have discovered.

The Political Committee Registration Statement for The Committee to Re-Elect Clare Quinn shows the Chairman is Kate Damsgaard and the Treasurer is Lee Calhoon.

The contribution page for arch rival “Good Government for West Vincent” reflects the following: The third largest contribution is made by the Treasurer of Clare Quinn's Committee, Lee Calhoon ($250) to “Good Government for West Vincent”!

Here is a picture of Lee Calhoon's house:

The LARGEST contribution was made by the Chairman of Clare Quinn's Committee, Kate Damsgaard ($500) to “Good Government for West Vincent”!

What does all of this mean? Why would the opposing parties be throwing money at each other? The documents are readily available for anyone's review at Chester County Voter Services. Simply ask to see the David Brown/Katharine Trolier/"Good Government for West Vincent" campaign file. I implore my readers to go view them. See you next time for the explanation.

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